!COVID-19 Notification to all clients!

Notification to all clients old and new:

We would like to thank you for your interest, and advise you of our services during the recent Covid-19 lockdown measures. We remain open and are continuing to see people face to face with the correct precautionary measures. So please be reassured that we have risk assessed our services in line with government and professional guidance.


On the 1st October, we made the decision to take any information required before examination by video link (phones as back up), this has been welcomed and very successful. This is to minimise contact time, confirm appropriate protective measures, thereby reducing everyone’s risks. Access is sent via email for the time arranged, and as long as you have a PC or laptop with webcam and microphone, we connect on-screen. Phones can be used but are not preferable, WhatsApp, Zoom and other apps are also possible. Face to face may not be appropriate for those shielding themselves or those in their social bubble, although local home visits can be arranged. Follow-up for those requiring face to face management have their appointments arranged as close to the video/phone assessments as possible. We have had same day/week follow ups.

We are accessing/egressing via the Craigdon shop lift with UV air purifiation and HEPA filters regularly in place of the open windows and air conditioning systems. All surfaces are wiped down with clinically recognised, biodegradable non-alcohol sanitiser between each client, and paper couch roll or towels are single use. We are asking all visitors to wash their hands or use the hand sanitizer provided before and after attending. Masks and gloves can be provided. Toilets are closed unless in emergencies. On return home, immediate removal of clothing for washing or double-bagging for 72hours before washing with normal clothes is recommended.

We would remind anyone who has mild but new symptoms of coughing,  fever or shortness of breath to remain in isolation for the full 14 day period as per NHS guidelines. Please notify us of health changes as soon as possible.

Those self isolating or at risk (multiple factors of aged 70 and over, immunocompromised, have pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, obesity or living with people at risk) should consider remote consultations.


  1. Remote (telephone and video) consultations for 15-60 minutes depending on your complaint or requirements are as per normal appointments. As such they are charged accordingly. Please book online or contact us to discuss how this is arranged for the best outcome.
  2. Face to face Physiotherapy provision will only continue if we are able to comply with government and professional guidance. We are monitoring this on a daily basis.



We look forward to resuming normal services as soon as possible.



Best wishes  from the Marchmont Physiotherapy Clinic Team



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