Treatments available for:

Back and neck pain
Shoulder strains and aches
Knee and hip sprains or arthritis
Ankle and groin sprains
Tennis elbow or wrist pain
Dizziness or headaches
Jaw clicking or locking
Cartilage and ligament strains
Tendonitis or tendonoses, eg. Achilles or Patella
Sports injuries, eg. running, golf, rugby, racket sports
Postural or work related aches and pains, eg. RSI
Post fracture or operative care
Performance efficiency, eg. sports and muscle imbalances
Scoliosis or Ankylosing spondylitis management

An Integrative approach to your wellness

Your physiotherapy session  begins with an in-depth assessment and examination  to find the root cause of your problem, discomfort or injury. Your physiotherapist will then discuss your treatment plan based on your needs and goals to ensure you have the knowledge to fulfil your potential. In order to help you feel at your best again, we will also equip you with relevant advice and prescribe exercises tailor-made to your circumstances.

If appropriate, we will also recommend onward referral, additional treatment modalities to further advance your recovery and prevent injury recurrence.

Women’s Health

Are you among the 62% of women who say they don’t have time to find out about being healthy? Up to 90% of household healthcare decisions are made or influenced by women, who usually shoulder responsibility for the whole family.

In a busy life that may involve juggling multiple roles, looking after your own health can often go to the bottom of the list.

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