Veronika comes from an educational and teaching background. Over the past several years she completed training and has further practised remedial and sports massage, Kinetic Chain Release and connective tissue and myofascial release. She also underwent various fitness training courses and is in the process of completing her Zen Yoga Teacher training.


Veronika's main professional interest is helping clients switch off the fight or fight response of the body and assist them with restoration of balance. Her working philosophy is based on mind-body principles and how one affects the other. Optimising wellbeing, posture and developing deeper awareness and connection of the body, emotions and mind, is Veronika's passion.

In the past, she practised in clinics both in Edinburgh and throughout Europe.


Sports and Remedial Massage
Be Activated
Kinetic Chain Release
Connective Tissue Release
Fitness Instructor Training
Lymphatic Massage

Personal Interests

Veronika loves to sing, dance, yoga and to learn languages. She enjoys walking in the Pentland hills and adores dogs. 

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