My Name is Gergo Medgyes (call me Greg) and I’m a remedial massage therapist and a holistic practitioner. I qualified in remedial massage therapy in 2011.

My very first work experience was in my own salon for 18 months in Hungary. I mostly worked with sport professionals for sports injuries and maintaining more minor conditions of my clients with Swedish, deep tissue, and remedial techniques. After that, I was offered a position in a local hospital in its rehabilitation section. I mostly worked with patients who have suffered a stroke or went through amputation/had various major sports injuries as a Physiotherapy assistant. I then continued here  in the UK for a few years including Champneys, Trump Turnberry, and Sheraton Grand Edinburgh. I returned to a clinical setting in Linlithgow where I did different holistic therapies, remedial treatments such as Kinetic Chain Release (KCR), Connective Tissue Release (CTR) and Myofascial Release.

In conclusion, I’m an enthusiastic therapist, who’s experience involves an in-depth knowledge of remedial and holistic therapies as well as nutrition and life coaching.

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