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Man Yuen Luk was born in West London and graduated in 1993 from the University of East London. Having worked in the NHS and Hong Kong, she returned to complete her Masters in Manual Therapy at Glasgow Caledonian University. She has been working in private practice around Edinburgh since 2007. Her work has predominantly been with Occupational Health, amateur sports people and recurrent spinal pain (backs and necks) based on a holistic, lifestyle and mind-body philosophy. This approach blends traditional Physiotherapy with those of Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. At home, she enjoys running, hill walking, Tai Chi and Yoga whenever possible.


Clare graduated in 1991 from The Queen’s College, Glasgow. She has worked for many years in the NHS, and the U.S.A, before starting in private practice. She has extensive experience working with and managing chronic and long term pain and issues that may occur as a result of the pain. She also has years of experience working in hydrotherapy pools. She enjoys walking, swimming and skiing.


Melanie qualified in 1983 from Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh. After 8 years working in the NHS & abroad, she established Marchmont Physiotherapy Clinic in 1991 with two Western General Hospital Physio colleagues. She is a musculoskeletal specialist with interest in Pain Management, Health & Well Being, Occupational Health, back & neck problems & sports injury with over 30 years’ clinical experience. She is a keen campervanner, walker, wild swimmer, cyclist, birder & traveller.

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